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Completely erase all signs of Seborrheic Dermatitis for good, with a proven natural remedy...

Derm-Essentials for Seborrheic Dermatitis

In 2008, after suffering from severe Seborrheic Dermatitis for over 5 years, my normally chipper wife was distraught, emotionally drained, and desperate for relief. The constant barrage of itchy scalp, scales, flakes, and hair loss was definitely taking its toll. She had been to doctor after doctor with the same lack of results time after time...none of the countless prescriptions or home remedies she tried did much of anything.

Finally she stumbled upon a blend of essential oils from New Zealand that worked fairly well. It didn't totally get rid of all her symptoms, but it was by far the best treatment to date. I thought I could make something a little better, so I did tons of research on essential oils, their medicinal properties, proper combining, ratios, etc. It took a few months of trial and error, but I eventually developed a blend of oils that wiped out her symptoms entirely!

"I am extremely impressed with its effectiveness. I haven't used it in a few days and no flakes have come back. Thank you so much! This stuff is amazing!"

Now she had also made some important dietary changes about the same time (no dairy, wheat, or junk food) maybe the oil doesn't deserve 100% of the credit, but it really did work extremely fast and totally got rid of her scales and flakes almost overnight. Once those scales were gone and her diet improved, her hair began growing back slowly but surely - taking about a year to recover.

Seeing how impressive the oil was at clearing up her SD, my wife suggested I make it into a product so others could benefit. I thought that was a great idea, but first wanted to make sure it wasn't just a fluke and would actually work for other people as well. So I performed a small "mini trial" on 30 other SD sufferers. The results were better than I'd hoped for...nearly everyone saw a huge decrease in scales, flakes, redness, itchiness, and dryness.

"Thank you for taking the time to develop this product! It is truly better than anything that the doctors I've seen have ever prescribed. I will definitely be buying more. Best of luck!"

Fast forward about eight years, and Derm-Essentials for Seborrheic Dermatitis is still going strong! I've made a few small tweaks based on customer feedback, but it's basically the same formula that worked so well for my wife. I often receive emails from happy customers, and all of the testimonials below are 100% real and unsolicited.

Now not everyone who uses Derm-Essentials sees miraculous results, and I don't really think of it as a complete "cure" for SD. But it does work great for most SD sufferers, and totally erases all signs & symptoms of Seborrheic Dermatitis for many. I can definitely understand you being a bit wary of spending more hard earned money on yet another product for SD, but if for whatever reason it doesn't work for you - just send it back and I'll issue a refund right away. Good luck either way :-)

"Derm-Essentials has saved my life. Literally. I swear to you, it's gone. THE SEBORRHEA IS GONE. So HELP ME GOD. I haven't stopped using it, of course, but your product saved me from going out of my mind. The big red sores, to just a little dandruff, to NOTHING. God bless you and your lovely wife."

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What's the difference between all these different versions?
All three formulas share the same proven therapeutic essential oil blend, but each has a slightly different delivery method...

  • Derm-Essentials for Seborrheic Dermatitis (oil) - This is the original Derm-Essentials formula. It's full strength, pure oil, and my first recommendation for severe scalp SD. Best suited for your initial scalp treatments, and getting rid of stubborn scales & flakes.
  • Derm-Essentials Light for Seborrheic Dermatitis (oil-free) - This new formula is less concentrated and great for maintenance applications once you've got your SD symptoms somewhat under control. It's oil free, water soluble, has a less potent smell, and is super easy to rinse out with just water.
  • Derm-Essentials for Facial Seborrheic Dermatitis (stick) - This is a full strength lotion stick that was designed especially for facial & skin SD. It features beeswax instead of coconut oil - which makes it less messy, easier to apply, and non-comedogenic (won't clog your pores).

How often should I use the Derm-Essentials oil/stick?
I suggest applying the oil (or facial stick) daily at bedtime for about one week and then gradually taper off to 1-2 times per week (or only as needed). Do not use continuously (every day) for long periods of time (more than 2-3 weeks) though. Longterm overuse of some essential oils can cause skin sensitization and/or allergic reactions in rare instances.

How often should I use the Derm-Essentials Light liquid?
After the initial treatments with the oil (or facial stick), you can use the light version as needed to maintain healthy skin & scalp. Do not use continuously (every day) for long periods of time (more than 2-3 weeks) though. Longterm overuse of some essential oils can cause skin sensitization and/or allergic reactions in rare instances.

"OMG!!! Thank you SO MUCH! As you well know, your product works and is amazing!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am seeing instant results and feeling much better about my appearance. :-)"

How do I apply the oil/liquid?
The easiest way is to apply a small amount of oil (or liquid) directly onto the affected areas of your scalp or skin and massage in with your fingertips. Or you can apply a small amount onto your fingertips and then massage it into the affected areas. Having someone apply it for you may be easiest if your hair is really thick or long.

How do I apply the facial stick?
Just apply it as you would chapstick or deodorant. It's really easy thanks to the lotion stick dispenser - and it glides on super smooth.

"Thank you, for this amazing product! I have lived with embarrassing seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp all of my life (getting a haircut is a nightmare). I can not believe how well it works. So very glad I clicked on your site and took a chance please don't ever stop making it."

How can I remove the scales on my scalp/skin?
The original Derm-Essentials for SD oil version works best for exfoliating and loosening scales. First, apply the oil to your affected areas normally and let it sit overnight. In the morning, apply a little more oil to your scaly areas. Using a fine tooth comb, very gently loosen the scales and lift them away from your scalp/skin. Finally, wash with an all-natural soap or shampoo.

Do I need to wash my hair/face/skin every morning after using the oil?
No, absolutely not. You can leave the oil in for as long as you'd like. Most people prefer to wash it out however, as it is oily.

"Very impressed with the oil! This is the first product we have ever used and seen improvements. We will definitely continue using for my daughter's Seborrheic Dermatitis, but also for my other daughter's eczema - great product!"

Does it smell?
Derm-Essentials has a fairly strong medicinal scent (think tea tree oil & menthol), but most people don't mind the smell. In fact some even love it! With that said, essential oils are very potent and some people may find it too strong for their liking. However, the oil-free light version is 1/2 strength - so the aroma isn't quite so strong.

Is it okay to use on my face, scalp, skin, etc.?
Yes, you can use it pretty much anywhere on your body. Just be careful to keep it out of your eyes, nose, mouth, and "delicate parts". The eyebrows are fine, but I recommend avoiding your eyelashes.

Why is the light version described as "oil-free" when it contains essential oils?
Essential oils aren't really "oils" as you think of them. Fixed oils (e.g. jojoba, coconut, olive, etc.) are usually pressed from the nut/seed kernel of a plant, and are mainly made up of fatty acids. Whereas essential oils are usually steam distilled from the leaves, flowers, or bark of a plant - and are made up of "volatile organic compounds". Essential oils don't really look, feel, or act like regular fixed oils - so that's why I use the term "oil-free".

"This product works better than anything else ever tried. When I put it on first thing after my shower in the morning it works most of the day in not showing symptoms - flakes. I put it on again, if I'm going out in the evening. So your product is good for controlling symptoms."

Will the oil stain my pillow?
Yes it will. I recommend using an old towel on top of your pillowcase at night to protect it from the oil. A shower cap works fine too.

Is the oil hard to wash out?
Yes, being 100% oil - it's a bit difficult to fully wash out of your hair. You may need to shampoo and rinse more than once. But hopefully the benefits outweight the slight inconvenience! Or you can try the oil-free light version which is super easy to wash out :-)

"I recently purchased your hair products, only used it few times. What a difference!! I found that they are really helping me with SD, I experience much less irritation, itching and scaling of the scalp. THANKS!!!"

Is it safe for children?
Derm-Essentials should be okay to use on older children (12+ is preferred) with proper adult supervision. Make sure they don't swallow it or rub it in their eyes. And watch for any signs of irritation or allergic reaction. Essential oils are very potent, and can occasionally cause skin irritation for those with ultra-sensitive skin - like infants, toddlers, and young children.

Is it safe to use while pregnant or nursing?
I (tentatively) don't recommend using Derm-Essentials while pregnant or nursing. Some essential oils and herbs are said to affect menstruation and possibly induce labor, but there is very minimal scientific proof of this - especially for topical application. Derm-Essentials for SD does contain a small amount of Oregano oil which is semi-questionable, so it's probably better to be overly cautious and avoid it while pregnant or nursing.

"Many thanks for the oil mixture - my husband is already using it and noticing a difference in his scalp condition. Your product also smells divine!"

What are the ingredients?
Please see below for a full listing of ingredients. We use only all-natural & organic ingredients, with absolutely no chemicals whatsoever.

How long does it take to see results?
That's hard to say. Everyone is unique and our bodies respond differently. Typically, you should see results for your Seborrheic Dermatitis within one week (7 applications). Often times there's an immediate difference though.

What's the shelf life?
Conservatively, the shelf life is at least 1 year from the date of manufacture if stored properly (room temperature or below, and out of the sun).

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Derm-Essentials for Seborrheic Dermatitis (oil) Ingredients: Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Neem Seed Oil, Essential Oil Blend (Australian Tea Tree, Himalayan Cedarwood, Virginian Cedarwood, Lavender, Rosemary, Patchouli, Oregano, Peppermint, Eucalyptus), Natural Vitamin E

Derm-Essentials for Facial Seborrheic Dermatitis (stick) Ingredients: Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Beeswax (Pesticide Free), Organic Neem Seed Oil, Essential Oil Blend (Australian Tea Tree, Himalayan Cedarwood, Virginian Cedarwood, Lavender, Rosemary, Patchouli, Oregano, Peppermint, Eucalyptus), Natural Vitamin E

Derm-Essentials Light for Seborrheic Dermatitis (oil-free) Ingredients: Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice (4x Concentrate), Essential Oil Blend (Australian Tea Tree, Himalayan Cedarwood, Virginian Cedarwood, Lavender, Rosemary, Patchouli, Oregano, Peppermint, Eucalyptus), Organic Guar Gum, Natural Vitamin E

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"I just wanted to give you some feedback on your wonderful product for Seborrheic dermatitis. I haven't been able to find anything that works as well down here in Australia, this is the first time something has given me true relief from the scale, itching and soreness that comes with this frustrating affliction. I find that the beautiful smell of this oil also enables me to wear it on my scalp most days without having to wash it out daily. Thank you so much for this remarkable product. I will continue to be a very happy customer with your excellent service too."

"I am writing to tell you how very happy I am with your products! I must have had the WORST case of facial SD EVER! It was so bad that I didn't want to go to work or go out in public! I was embarrassed and depressed. It was AWFUL! I didn't like the steroid cream that my dermatologist recommended and was determined to find a natural alternative. Although my dermatologist told me that it wasn't diet-related, I somehow "knew" it had a dietary component. So, I scoured the internet looking for answers. I started myself on a modified candida diet and started taking some natural antifungals (caprylic acid, oregano oil and an probiotic to promote good gut flora). Lots of water, too. I make my own soaps, lip balms and lotions and I decided to try mixing several anti-fungal EO's with a carrier oil and even tried it in my own handmade lotion base. It wasn't bad, but I had to keep slathering it on. (I used Lavender EO, Oregano EO and Tee Tree EO in my first batch at 2% to avoid skin irritation.) I knew that natural was the answer and was looking for the right combinations to try. That is when I came across your products! I couldn't get them FAST ENOUGH! I was anxious to try them. I loved the fact that they were natural and contained some of the same oils that I was experimenting with. Fast forward a week and I have to tell you that I AM SOLD! It is about 90% better already and I do not ever want to be without your solid lotion stick! I take it with me EVERYWHERE I GO! I love that I can keep it in my pocket and it doesn't melt! While the smell is something that takes some getting used to, it is SO WORTH IT! I will be ordering this in quantity so that I always have it on hand! Thank-you SOOO MUCH for taking the time to create this WONDERFUL product! You are a GODSEND!"

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help for people with this frustrating condition. I don't even have SB, but your products are really helpful in alleviating some of the symptoms of my auto-immune disorder. It is called lichen planus or lichen planopilarus and primarily affects the scalp and face. It is so rare that most people have never heard of it. It took 2 dermatologists following it for a year before they were able to come up with the diagnosis. They prescribed a very expensive topical steroid cream and basically said "it's not contagious and it won't kill you." Researching on my own, I stumbled across your web page and it has made a huge difference in my quality of life. Your products for SB provide wonderful relief for the symptoms that are present constantly. And believe me I tried tons of other things that did not help. The Derm-Essentials oil helps relieve the itching, burning, and soreness on my scalp. I also use it as a vehicle for applying the steroid medicine -- it helps apply it more easily, uniformly and with less waste. Your Derm-Essentials stick is perfect for my face. No lotion, no matter how expensive, had been able to help with the exceptional dryness of the skin on my face, especially at the hairline. Now I plan to try barberries to see if that can be a useful adjunct. Would never even have heard of them if not for your continuing efforts on behalf of your customers."

"I just want to say a big THANK YOU for your product Derm Essentials for Seborrheic Dermatitis. This product has been a huge lifesaver for me. I have been suffering with this condition for years on my scalp and have frequent breakouts. It can be very embarrassing at times. I usually have to go to the doctor and take prescription medication to get rid of it. But not anymore! Your product works very effectively and quickly to take care of the problem. I am so amazed at how wonderfully it works! Also, as a bonus, I always get compliments at my job about how wonderful my hair smells when I do use it. In fact, I have a couple of folks who will come and sniff my hair because they love the smell so much! Haha! Anyway, I am on my third bottle of the 4 oz size and just placed an order for two more bottles so that I will always have it on hand. I have already recommended this product to friends and family members with the same problem. Thank you again, and keep up the great work!!!"

"I just wanted to personally thank you for your amazing product Derm Essentials. My only regret is that I wished I purchased it sooner! I received the product a week ago today and have used it 7 times following the directions exactly. My scalp is so clear, I honestly do not remember the last time it looked like this. I also had some flaky patches on my ear and behind it and they are gone too thanks to derm essentials. My flaky patchy scalp has been so embarrassing and cumbersome for me. I feel like have tried every product under the sun, including raw honey and coconut oil. I only tried one prescription product and I was scared of how strong it was and the side effects. Not to mention, it didn't work!! I am truly so grateful for this product and what it has done for me. I went to the hair salon today for a haircut. This was a big step for me as I avoided anyone going near my hair due to the condition of my scalp. I brought my Organic Excellence shampoo with me to avoid any chemical laden products. This is another product I love. Thanks for the recommendation on your site! I literally can't stop checking my scalp out! It's an unbelievable feeling. I will try modifying my diet as well to reap even more benefits. I read your SD report and it really opened my eyes. Thank you again for an amazing natural product that actually works!!!"

"I recently bought a derm-essentials lotion stick for some pretty extreme sebhorraic dermatitis I had all over my face that came up during pregnancy. I was a bit dubious that it would solve my problem having read all the horror stories from others that had it and were unable to get rid of it. My doctor wasn't particularly sympathetic and was only keen to provide horrible drugs that had no affect. The reviews on your website filled me with hope...the lotion has saved me from being a hermit and I no longer cry every time I'm due to go out. I can also smile proudly in photos with my newborn instead of trying to hide my face. It had completely disappeared from where I had it and is helping a lot with a new patch that's recently come up across my eyes and forehead. It has seriously changed my life. All I can say is THANK YOU!!!!!"

"I have been meaning to write to you and let you know how great the Derm-Essentials has worked for me. Even four hours after I used it the first morning, I could see a difference. My face got better and better each day. Within 2 days the itching was gone, within the 3rd day the flaking had cleared up by 80%, and by the 4th or 5th day, all the redness had faded! Ultimately at the end of one week of use, I was normal again. My results were nothing short of amazing to me! I thought if there was anything I could do to spread the word so that more people could know about DE, I would! I'm so happy I stumbled upon your website, and thank you so much for creating this all natural product that works better than any prescription could. Please don't ever stop making it. And if you do, let us all know so we can stock up for life! Or, I'll buy the business from you so we can keep it going, lol!

The prescription Xolegel I was using irritated my skin so badly after prolonged use and made the area around my eyes swell up like nothing I had ever experienced before. I stopped use after waking up two mornings in a row swollen. The second morning, I applied the DE and went to the dermatologist (because I told them my eye area was swollen, they wanted me to come in). By the afternoon, when I left for the dermatologist, I was amazed at how the DE I put on that morning had already made my face look better than it had any day that week. I showed the DE to my doctor and she said to stop all prescriptions and 'give it a try'. I didn't mention to her that I had already made up my mind to do just that. What I found funny, as a person who likes to use all natural products and research them, was that she read the ingredients and said 'well just be careful because there are some spices in here.' Inside, I laughed, because she probably read cedarwood, oregano and rosemary and thought of spices. Silly doctor... those are plants. :) By the way, the DE stopped burning when I applied it after a few days and this was due to my skin being so irritated by something in that Xolegel. Now when I apply it, I can tell my skin is healed completely since it goes on without the stinging and burning. Anyhow, I used it for a week, and a few days here and there since, and besides some minimal flaking here and there, I would say I'm back to 100%."

"Within 2 weeks of being diagnosed with Seborrheic Dermatitis I found your web site and ordered a bottle. I attribute it as a main reason my condition didn't worsen and was almost gone in 2 more weeks after using it nightly. I now use your oil every 2-3 weeks for preventative maintenance and will certainly order it again. You provide a needful service, Happy Selling!"

"I wanted to thank you for your great products. I have seen excellent results since I started using the oil at night and the cream during the day. It also makes me ecstatic to know there are no carcinogenic agents making my skin better. Once a dermatologist said when prescribing a cream that was $127 per tube, WITH HEALTH INSURANCE, 'You don't mind black label warnings, do you?'. I didn't even know what he meant by that. He explained and I shrugged and thought, if it helps, I suppose I will take my chances. The cream did work for my SD and only mildly, if at all, for the rosacea. Actually, I think your products have helped with the rosacea more so than anything else I have tried."

"I have been using Derm Essentials on my big toes (since March) for fungus and my toenails have grown out. Don't know about the cure yet, but it is definitely destroying the fungus. Have been applying it morning and night. Thanks. Thought I would pass this on."

"I wanted to write and thank you so much for your wonderful Derm Essentials product for seborrheic dermatitis. My 6 year old son has had a small patch on his head for a couple of years now, which has spread out a bit. The pediatrician said to use the coal tar shampoos on him, but I couldn't bring myself to use such an unsafe product on him! I knew I had to find a safe alternative. I found your website through a google search. Your product worked WONDERS for him. Even one application (and going through his hair with a fine toothed comb to get the flakes out) made a HUGE difference! I am currently in the process this week of treating it daily. Hoping to reduce it to 1-2 times a week starting next week. Thank you again for a SAFE product that I can use on my son!"

"Derm Essentials has BANISHED dry seborrhea from my horse, Boukra's mane, tail & forelock! I would rub it in at the hair roots/scalp every three days after brushing out the loose skin flakes with a soft rubber comb/brush. That takes some time as he is an Arabian and they have thick forelocks, manes & tails. I used it for 1 & 1/2 to two weeks. I will re-dose Boukra with Derm Essentials when dry seborrhea outbreaks reoccur--probably when the weather cools and gets moist again. So great NOT to have to wash it out of his mane. So great NOT to have to use horribly smelly, yucky looking sulfur/pinetar creams that haven't worked well anyway. Your product is wonderful and I still have over a third of the bottle left! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

"I wanted to write to you and tell you that I ordered your facial stick for seborrheic dermatitis and its amazing. I just started having this problem on my face about six months ago and I was using dandruff shampoo on my face and it was drying my face out really bad and still wouldn't go away. I was worried about this stick being to greasy on my face but it really works. I was so impressed even the first two days. I can't thank you enough for making such an amazing natural, affordable product. I am so relieved to have something that helps that doesn't require putting chemicals all over my face. I will continue to purchase and I really can't thank you enough. I had become so self conscious about this and now I feel like I have a solution. Please never stop selling it!!!!"

"I just wanted to let you know i received my order and i started using it right away. Saturday night was my first night using the Derma oil on my scalp. OMG!!!! What a difference it made. Withing 2 nights, i woke up in the morning and i literally had one pc of hair on my shirt where before it was covered and on all over my pillow too. I can't thank you enough for this product!!!! On top of it, my scalp is not itchy and its getting better each and every day. The bumps are less and less. I will also write a testimonial on your web site too but i wanted to personally Thank you!!!! You are a God send!!!! I have a few people already that i told and want to buy it and i will tell everyone i can about your product. Please keep this product going, it's the best thing out there and it's all natural. Thank you once again!!!!! Have a wonderful day!"

"Your formula has changed my life... with no exaggeration - I had tried everything. I was using so much steroid cream and destroying my skin. I cannot thank you enough."

"I just want to thank you for your wonderful product. I had seborrheic dermatitis on my face and was getting no help from the prescription drug I was given. When it spread from under my nose to the area above my chin I panicked. I found your product online and am so glad I did. Everything the doctor told me was wrong. He was drying out the skin and your oils cured my skin. Now, no one would ever know I had a problem and I continue to use your product daily to make sure it does not come back. I can't thank you enough for your product and the relief it has given me both emotionally and medically!!"

"I just want you to know that you are a life saver!!! The scalp oil for SD has worked miracles. I've never felt more free since using it. There is no scalp itch, no scalp dryness/flakes, nothing. Doctors wanted me to use products with tar in it and kept repeatedly telling me that it's chronic and will never go away. But they were wrong...they ARE wrong. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! My scalp is now clean and clear after just 2 weeks of using the oil. You have my support for life!!!"

"I needed to write to tell you what an amazing product you have here. I thank god I stumbled onto your site. I have had SD of the scalp for about a year with a maddening itch and embarrassing flakes. I have been to the dermatologist twice with no results at all. I have applied your product on the itchy parts of the scalp for the first week like you said, and it is truly a miracle how my scalp has cleared. Thank you brother."

"Just writing to say what a difference your Seborrhea Dermatitis oil has made for me! I have struggled with this unattractive and sometimes painful issue on the sides of my nose for the past couple years. As fall set in this year it became worse and I was feeling desperate for help. Nothing in the past has worked. In my internet search I came upon your story and product, I was hesitant, but I felt like there was a true level of sincerity' your wife's story, your money back guarantee etc., so I ordered your product and have been so thankful I did. Thank you for creating it and thank you for making it available to others who suffer from this annoying skin problem. I also appreciate that you have kept the product affordable!"

"My organic shampoo/conditioner set and "head oil" arrived last night. I slept with the oil in my scalp and this morning I washed my head w/shampoo and conditioner! OMG: fast results!! I can say that 100 percent of the seborrhea dermatitis plaque thickness is reduced by at least 75 percent. Flaking is almost gone!!! I really think I had an allergic reaction to the chemicals in my other shampoos and conditioners!! THANK YOU SCOTT FOR TAKING THE TIME TO DEVELOP THESE PRODUCTS. They work. This is coming from an RN who sees things from a scientific viewpoint with a healthy dose of skepticism. THESE PRODUCTS WORK!! Please feel free to print this for reviews!! Thank you thank you. Thank you also for your quick responses on my questions and your in depth answers to possible vitamin deficiencies and dietary habits that may have caused this 5 month flare of SD. You are truly a man of intelligence and kindness."

"I am so happy with your derm essentials oil. I have had horrible seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp for 20 years. For those 20 years I have been forced to use horrible chemical shampoos that barely work on a daily basis. Your product is the best I have ever found! It works SO much better than anything I've tried. I am 100% flake free after using it and when it does start to come back it is not nearly as bad as it has been for the past 20 years. THANK YOU"

"I have been suffering of SD for the past 30 years and I have tried everything looking for some relief. After being using Apple Cider Vinegar with some positive results, I decided to give a try to Derm-essentials and for my surprise I am seeing a great improvement on my skin with just 2 applications. Thank you for changing my life. God bless you..."

"Thank you for the wonderful product. For months I've been treating my seborrheic dermatitis with selenium sulfide and the more expensive ketoconazole shampoos with little effect. Your product has made a marked difference in my condition in less than a week. I think that's simply amazing. Thanks again and best wishes!"

"It's been awhile, and I just wanted to say a quick hello and thank you! The relief you provide me with your scalp oil is a true blessing. I am so happy you have kept the formula the same, and feel truly blessed to have something that works for me. Thank you so much! I will be a customer forever! I don't know what I would do without your oil! Thank you so much!"

"I bought your Derm Essentials for Sebborheic Dermatitis oil and am happy to report that it has worked very well. I have SD in the nasolabial folds only, nowhere else on my face, but it was very stubborn to get rid of. None of the creams and antibiotics recommended by the dermatologist had worked, but your product cleared it up in around a week. I was very impressed; I didn't think it was possible."

"I love your product and in the few short days I have had Derm Essentials it has made a DRASTIC difference in my skin on my face. The doctor told me to use dandruff shampoo on my face and he was that dried the skin out so much my condition worsened. I went back to using Dove soap and your product and my anxiety over my face is gone. I have seborrheic dermatitis at the base of my nose and between my chin and lips. Thank you, thank you. I will consider your other products as well, as you seem to know what you are talking about!"

"I just wanted you to know that I have been using your derma oil for 4 days and couldn't be more thrilled by the results. I have suffered with SD on my scalp since I was a child and am 42 now and this is the first time I have had something that works without pulling my hair out and making bald spots. Thank you, thank you!"

"I have been using your derma essentials and I have had the best results from it then anything I have tried. You are very knowledgable and honest about your products and the real answer to curing SD. I appreciate the honesty!!! Thank you!!! I also appreciate the updates and your recommendations!! Thanks again."

"I have had Seborric dermatitis for 2 years that has spread to cover my entire face and have had no money to go to the dermatologist as it is so expensive. I was so ashamed and embarrassed that I even stopped going out of the house without make up, and the make up just irritated it and made it hurt and peel even worse! I also became very depressed. I finally received disability and have an appointment set with a new dermatologist in town. However, I just happened to run across your product Derm Essentials a few weeks ago. I got it and used it immediately and the next day noticed a small change. I have been using it for three days now and all I can say is wow. It is still redish in color but less than usual and the biggest thing I wanted to thank you for, is that the SCALES AND PEELING ARE GONE AND the texture of my skin is so smooth so now I can try this new mineral make up and not look horrid within an hour due to peeling! I am also taking your advice on diet and have started to look into that as well. I can't wait to see the results after 3 weeks! So excited and I almost cried when I woke up to this! Thank you so much! Praying for your product to reach others!"

"Thanks Scott for the info. By the way, Derm Essentials is amazing! I had all but given up hope on any treatment for my Seborrheic Dermatitis until I started using your product. I have been using it now for about 2 weeks now and my scalp is almost completely healed! Keep up the good work."

"Wow, I just want to say this product is amazing. It's really really helped my SD, Over the last 18mths I've had flakes in the eyebrows, and whilst I've only been testing in the left one, leaving the right one to compare.... It's 200% better."

"This is really just a commendation email to say thanks for your products. I did a lot of searching on the Internet for something to help my fiancee with her Seborrheic Dermatitis and Eczema and there were so many gimicks being advertised. I read your blog on your website about the same issues your wife had. Well my fiancee has a science degree in skin and works in the industry and she was always getting topical steroid or cortisone cream which she didn't want to use. She was skeptical when I bought the first bottle and I really wish I had taken before pictures of her head and hands because you should see the difference, nothing short of amazing. No patchy flakes of skin and her hands are pretty much back to normal. So cheers not only am I happy but my fiancee is and the price is cheap for the results. I am really just surprised that you are not better known. I have been spreading the word because so many people suffer from skin conditions and your stuff is the answer."

"Hi Mr. Kramer, my mom bought your head treatment or oil that would help my head for my seborriac dermatitis. I am 10 years and I had a lot of scales on my head and the medicines from the doctors never worked. We got your oil and we used it while I was on Thanksgiving break. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that after Thanksgiving week all of the scales were GONE for the first time, my head feels really good now. So thank you sooooo much and your awesome so thank you!!!"

"I am very pleased with this product. I have been using the oil every night, used the shampoo and conditioner. I must say I am impressed. All I can say is Thank you!!! My scalp has not felt this good in years!!!"

"I am thrilled with Derm-essentials. I searched on the net, saw information about your product and took a chance on ordering it. I've been fighting Seborrheic Dermatitis for many, many years and I will be 80 in June. The very first time I put it on my scalp, the itching stopped. I've used it only twice and it seems to keep the sebum from hardening. Furthermore, when I washed my hair the second time, there were no hardened areas to be removed by other, more unpleasant methods. It can't be cured because it's genetic, so I understand. But there was a time when I nearly had a breakdown over the hardened sebum pulling on my hair and causing 24/7 itching. I want to thank you for developing this oil. I believe it must have some yeast or fungus killing properties as well."

"Just letting you know the Derm Essentials I've bought from you over the last year and a half saved me from much embarrassment and scalp itch. It didn't clear my seborrheic dermatitis completely but for most of the day it stopped the mega-dandruff and itching that was driving me nuts."

"I could tell a difference after the first night. It seemed to improve the feel of my scalp. Some of my crusty spots are still there but I can tell they are slowly getting better...I do believe it is a good product...Keep up the good work and thanks for letting me participate in the trial. I will continue to use the oil because it works and I know those crusty places will be gone soon!"

"Just to thank you for my new bottle of your lovely lotion that helps the eczema on my head. It is the ONLY thing that seems to work. Although the doctor prescribed me some other lotion it doesn't work as well as yours for S. Dermatitis. Yours also helps the hair grow back too, which is wonderful !!! Perhaps you have found a cure for baldness too !!! Thank you again !"

"Just wanted to get back to you about my experience with DERM-essentials SD product: Amazing stuff. Started working well immediately and I haven't had to revert to Triamcinalone even once in six weeks."

"I just had to email you to let you know how much I love the new version of the Derma Essentials. I had a really bad flare-up two weeks ago and decided to head back to a new Dermatologist. She was very nice but told me she couldn't cure me...I knew that, but was desperate, she then gave me the same stuff the other Dr. gave me 3 years ago when all this started "Ketoconazole" only this time in gel form. It's an anti- fungal med. I used it for a few days and it helped , but dried me out. I then decided to just buy your oils and forget about the Drs. out there. I am very happy with the results...I know there's no cure , but at least your stuff makes the condition livable. Thanks again."

"I just wanted to let you know that after using your oil for a week now, my scalp is about 85% better as far as redness goes and flaky scales. I used to be so embarrassed of my S.D but now that the redness and scaling has gone down dramatically, I feel better about my self. You should be proud that you did what large companies that make shampoos for S.D cant do! I will continue using the shampoo and oil and I expect my S.D to almost disappear."

"I ordered the SD oil last week and am sooooo relieved to have some relief!!! My chin and nose area were a MESS!!! Red, oily, scaly, just dreadful! I felt horrible about it and was unsure what to do initially. I had been to a dermatologist for the same condition a year or so ago and while the steroid pills and creams that I was given made it go away.... It was only a band-aid! I was mortified.... Knowing that the dermatologist was NOT the right path for me... I immediately sat down and did Internet research..... Which I must admit.... I Was skeptical to know what was reliable and what was not....BUT!! When I found your website....and kept reading and reading.... I knew I had finally found the right treatment plan for myself! I appreciate your research and information tremendously and am very grateful! Thank you!!"

"Thank you so much for this information. I tried your product a month ago Derm-essentials and it was a life saver. I was suffering from post-partum (just had a baby 4 months ago) Seborrhea Dermatitis on my head, face, neck front and back, it was really bad, the horrible itching and scaly skin left me so depressed. I had gone to my dermatologist two times, the first time he prescribed topical steroid and shampoo, tried it for a month and nothing was working, I was miserable with the pain and itching, the stuff was making me feel worse, I was so desperate to try anything. The second time I went to see the dermatologist he prescribed an oral steroid and I was not going to take that, that is when I came across your website, got the stuff ordered, it came in two days and tried it, ever since then I have been doing so so so much better, thank you so so so much. I still have some outbreaks but nothing compared to what I had."

"I wanted to send you a big thank you for your product Derm-Essentials. It arrived 3 days ago and I started application to my face yesterday morning and last night....I woke up this morning and the severe dry crusty skin has GONE! This product is truly unbelievable after trying everything my general practitioner had prescribed without success. I was desperate and did not want keep using products filled with dubious chemical ingredients. I began an online search for for a natural remedy. I know that peoples results may vary using Derm and want to let you know that it is pretty miraculous in my case and I am now able to leave the house once again without looking like Freddy Kruger. My skin looks beautiful and smooth with the added bonus that the faint wrinkles I had, are gone....amazing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."

"Most of my adult life I've had outbreaks of seborrheic dermatitis on my face. Recently, in my 40's - the outbreaks got worse. It was incredibly embarrassing because it was so obvious being all over my nose and eyebrows. Red and peely and just nasty. I've tried everything...soaps, moisturizers, fungicides, cleansers...literally. Two different dermatologists with two different approaches. I had some luck with a product called Plexion, but it didn't last. When I received your product I was having one of the worst flare ups I have ever had. My whole t-zone on my face was red, inflamed, peeling, itchy and burning. All the creams and cleansers were not helping. I started putting your oil on my face the day I recieved it. Within a few hours - literally - I noticed a difference. Within 2 days my flare up was almost gone. I can't tell you how grateful I am for your product. It has changed my life. I just want to tell people who suffer from this and are looking for a solution to stop looking. Order this product. I promise you it works. It really does. Thank you for making me want to look at myself in the mirror again!"

"I just wanted to follow up with you. I received your product within 3 days of ordering, so that was amazing...and the product itself...I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! It's practically been a 500% improvement. I was dealing with dry flaking skin every day of my life!...I kept having to get aftershaves, lotions, and anything else I could think of to fix my skin (or try to anyways) with your sebhorric dermatitis treatment (which I've only been using THREE DAYS). It's almost completely gone and I can go to parties and downtown and dress up and not be embarrassed. It fixed it on my face and the shampoo conditioner has fixed it on my scalp. You have a lifelong customer in me. And if anyone ever doubts if your product works, well have them contact me. THANK YOU! YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE!"

"Several months ago I purchased Derm Essentials and your product gave me my life back. I had suffered with SD in my head for over two years. I had made numerous visits to the doctor but he never diagnosed it as SD, but rather treated me with dangerous shots of Kenalog which never helped one bit. Finally, after purchasing a wig, I set out to do my own research on the internet. It didn't take me long to self-diagnose my condition as Seborrheic Dermatitis. Once I finally knew what was wrong I started searching for natural cures, and, by the grace of God, found you. I had purchased two bottles but my scalp cleared up in about a week. Amazing! It has never come back on my head, but I have had minor breakouts on my face--i.e. chin and eyelids. Each time it flares up I put on your medication and it calms back down. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this wonderful product. I have told my hair dresser about your medicine and given her your website as she commented that she has other clients who are suffering from this disfiguring malady. God bless!"

"After only three applications to the side of my nose that the doctor diagnosed as seborrheic dermatitis, it is better. I am grateful to you for creating the medication and for your getting it to me so quickly."

"The product that I purchased from you is very effective at keeping the scalp issues under control. I am a satisfied customer and will heed your recommendations in the future."

"Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I am so happy with your product, I have tried several things to help this condition and nothing has ever phased it. My kids have this condition so bad that I cant hardly take them out anywhere without a hat on cause people stare like we are dirty, but lord knows that aint true. I have even taken them to a dermatologist and she gave me a prescription for something that did nothing, I bought more stuff over the counter at Walmart and this also did nothing. I just wanted to thank you again for you fine product, it has a made a world of difference for my kids. Thanks again."

"Several months ago (after years of using steroid based creams and shampoos) I ordered your Derm Essentials. I use it every day. The results have been so fantastic. Skin discoloration has lessened, my hair is coming back (which I never thought would happen) and I have a glow to my scalp and face that I haven't seen in years. Two weeks after I started using the product, a friend said - "You look good - different. Did you get a haircut?" I smiled and told him "I'm trying something new." I'm very glad I found my way to your company and your products. Thank you for creating Derm Essentials."

"A note to tell you how much I appreciate your Derm-Essentials. For decades I just had extra-sensitive scalp and shampooed up to 2-3 times a day seeking elusive relief. Your site helped me tune into the true situation and your herbal formula is slowly but surely effecting a cure at last. Thank you."

"With great hope I ordered two bottles of your Derm-Essential oil last year. I have found it to be extremely effective in my treament of dermatitis. It also goes a long way!! I don't think I'll need any till next year. Just wanted to say thanks and how much your product means to me - I can't imagine not using it on these winter nights."

"Just wanted to let you know that my mom has been using your product since Friday night -- The results thus far have been AMAZING!!! This is the first time in months that my mom has not had a tight scalp -- and the first time in months where her scalp looks healthy!! Even the condition of her hair is getting healthier!!! The area on her scalp that was a bit pink after the first use is now gone -- and oddly enough that was the area that was most affected by the dermatitis -- that area is now clear!! We have been trying COUNTLESS products since August -- and everything seemed to either not work, or work for a day -- thus far your product is truly a blessing! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!"

"I am am african american female and I have been using Derm Essentials for about 2 months now. I wanted to write in and let you know that I have had wonderful results from this product. For too long now I have used a topical steroid on my scalp to control my seborrheic dermatitis. Now, thanks to your product I have not used this steroid in over 2 months. This is truly amazing to me due to the fact that in the past, if I missed using an application of the steroid, my seborrheic dermatitis would flare up like crazy. I apply your product about once a week on my scalp and lightly add it to my scalp throughout the week in the areas that may be a little bit itchy. I cannot say that it has gotten rid of all of my dandruff, but my scalp is much, much, healthier that it has ever been and the little bit of dandruff that I do get towards the end of the week, is nothing compared to what I used to get. My scalp is no longer crusty and sore. I would like to thank you for creating this product and let you know that you are truly helping people that have suffered so long with the agony of seborrheic dermatitis. Please don't ever stop making this prodcut! Thank you so much."

"I just wanted to thank you. I received the oil on Thursday and started using it immediately. My scalp was SO MUCH BETTER by Sunday, didn't even hurt or have that 'pulling on the hair' feeling. Today is Monday and my scalp is already healing. The scabs are falling and no more pain. Thank you SO much for developing this, I don't know how I would have managed without it, I feel so much better in myself too. Thank you!"

"I finished using the derm-essentials oil and I've had much success using the product. I have no complaint, the product works much better than I could have ever imagined. As requested I used it every night 7 days straight. The primary areas I used it on was small patches on my face and on my arms. This product helped clear up my arms tremendously. Within one week it cleared up one arm 90% and the other about 70%....and my arms had several very inflamed pores that were visually noticeable. Its great finding a product that can practically be used every day without causing skin irritation and still remain effective. Once again I thank you for not only creating an excellent product that works better than anything I've come across and keeping it at an affordable price. I've discovered derm-essentials with a proper diet does an excellent job of keeping SD under control."

"I ordered your product last week for the first time and I must say it is working exceptionally well for my seborrheic dermatitis. I have lived with this condition for 38yrs and this has been the first topical product that has had any substantial results. I've applied it twice and it feels like I have a new scalp."

"Well, I have to say after giving up all hope I am pleased to inform you that the results have been very impressive. Prior to using the oils, My cheeks, shoulders, chest and scalp would be on fire and I would be scratching until I bled. My SD would arrive, almost immediately, without warning and then disappear the same. The only manageable way I could reduce the SD or pain was to go on a UV sun bed, but long term I was reluctant to do this. After using the oils for the first 2 days the redness on my cheeks had almost gone completely. I think the redness has gone as much as it can do and what remains is probably permanent damage or blood vessel scarring from the years of suffering from SD. For the record, I hated having the red cheeks and was delighted they had significantly improved. I was really impressed and it just got better every day. Apart from today (day 7) I started to get an itchy scalp and shoulders for the first time. However, whereas previously I would be scratching until I bled or in my sleep, I am hoping it is more manageable than previously. Everybody has told me my skin looks a lot better!"

"You really did a great job developing this oil. My scalp and hair haven't felt this healthy in years. Those crusty spots on my head that I thought had turned to cement are gone. My scalp hasn't itched or become inflamed in at least a week. I will certainly be buying more oil. I can't wait to get my hair cut next week to see if my hairdresser comments on my scalp looking better. I wish you much success. I am also grateful for all your research and for developing the oil."

"First off, your product is truly wonderful! Before using, my mom had tried a variety of stuff - all of which wasn't working at all, or even aggravating the situation even more. She has now been using your product for several weeks - initially doing the 7 day treatment, and now basically as needed. Yes - she still has some flaking - but not even comparable to what was going on before - she can actually wear black again! In addition, her hair has become so much healthier and fuller - having always had the most gorgeous natural curls - this situation which began in August was an absolute nightmare - particularly at the crown where she suffered very noticeable hair thinning. In addition after EVERY washing she experienced tightness of the scalp immediately. Now that has completely gone away. She is right now using the product every 2 days or so - or when needed - we are hoping that by some sort of divine intervention what came to be from no where will somehow cease. I just reordered your product today and I would recommend it to anyone who has suffered thru or has been suffering with this condition which not only affects the person, but those who love them."

"I think the oil is great! I am an African-American female and therefore I cannot wash my hair every day without depleting my scalp and hair from it's natural oils. Therefore, I used the Seborrheic Dermatitis oil as a maintenance tool. I applied it to my entire scalp on day 1, by day 2 or 3 the smell was gone and there aren't any signs of flakes (hooray). On day 4 or 5 I would see a couple small flakes, and therefore would apply the oil again and so forth and so on. Therefore, I use the oil about twice a week and I like the product because it doesn't leave my hair feeling heavy and greasy because I use the Seborrheic Dermatitis oil in liquid form and apply very small droplets directly to my scalp only. With other products or oils, my hair would feel heavy and full of grease (yuck), and I would have to apply the products every day and I would still wake up with flakes. I will continue to use this Seborrheic Dermatitis oil, I just hope that maybe with continued use, I can decrease the treatment to once a week and be flake free, and then I would be very happy!"

"Just to let you know that the package arrived safely and in tact over the weekend. I have only used the product for 3 days and can already see and feel the difference. My scalp doesn't look as pink, flakes are almost gone and best of all my very dry hair feels soft and manageable. I'm so pleased I found you without having to resort to steroid treatment."

"I just placed another order, and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the oil. I still have the seborrhea I probably always will to a certain extent but it is nothing and I repeat nothing like it was before! I am able to control it better "Whoopee" Plus the hair loss has slowed down. I will be a devoted customer for life I am sure ;-) I wish you continued success!"

"I really appreciate your thoughtfulness to your customers. Thanks to this product, my scalp is almost normal, and my hair is growing back, and I've discarded the steroid lotion that I was using. I'm also using the oil on a reoccurring body rash that itches, and this oil is the only product that helps! So I sincerely appreciate your kindness!"

"I have been meaning to send you some feedback on Derm-Essentials for a while, but didn't get a chance before. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that this little bottle saved my life and sanity. I won't repeat my scalp ordeal again as I wrote some of my symptoms in an email before, but suffice it to say that I was desperate and in panic over scabs coming off my scalp and new ones forming in their place and constant itch which would get much worse towards the evening and early morning and in the shower till my hair dried. Well, I saw almost 70% improvement only after two applications and by the third one I just didn't feel the itch anymore. I kept up with the first seven applications and began to taper off and now apply twice a week or more if I feel like applying it (and now I use it more because of the scent and the relaxed feeling it brings than for the itch). I received the product at a time that an appointment with a bigshot derm I had made long before and was waiting for was approaching in 3 days. I did go to see the derm because I had waited to see him for so long, but was aware that he wouldn't be able to se anything on my scalp. As I expected, he said he could see some signs of inflammation which was healing very well so I should keep doing what I was doing and should go back to see him only if it flairs up. You may want to know that this Thanksgiving, you were added to the list of people to whom I owed gratitude as the scalp issue was taking over my life and had really affected my productivity. So thank you very much once again for a great product."

"I have been meaning to let you know how happy I have been with your product. It really has made an enormous difference to my scalp and I now have barely any problems at all - practically cured! I will be a life long customer. Many thanks and kind regards"

"I wanted to email you to let you know your product is wonderful! This has been such a blessing for me. I faithfully used the derm essentials for about a week and a half each night. My SD has cleared up completely. My hair is starting to come back in more fully. My beautician cut my hair yesterday and said my hair and scalp had improved at least 70% from the last time she cut it, which was about 6 weeks ago. She told me to keep doing what I was doing because it was defintely working. I sure feel better about how I look now. I was so depressed before I found your product. May God richly bless you and your family for discovering something natural that works. I had been on steriod shampoo's and steriod foam since March of last year, with nothing seemingly to help. Praise the Lord Derm Essentials worked. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I have shared about your product with many people. There are others that are interested. I wish you the best, and again thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will be reordering in the future."

"I've used the product 3 times and it's a charm. No flakes, and even the bigger bumps are disappearing. I bought some dark coloured clothing yesterday for the first time in years! Thank you."

"I have used your derm essentials last week. After two nightly applications, I was impressed big time. The large clumps of dried skin all over my head were gone. Not only that, my hair was once again soft and normal compared to 8 years of hair like dried straw. In addition, the itching no longer existed. My compliments to your efforts to create a super product."

"I have been using the oil for last three weeks. It's truly amazing. I used to find it so difficult to go out with this skin problem on the scalp, forehead and face. But now I feel so confident to go out and meet friends. May God Bless you as you have been a blessing to others."

"I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love your product, Derm Essentials for Seborrheic Dermatitis. I used it for about 5 days and it had immediate and seemingly lasting results. I cannot tell you how happy I am with using it. It doesn't take a lot to be effective. I have had problem for many years with an area on each of my nasal folds and in recent months it somehow spread itself up into my eyebrow and forehead region. This product has totally cleared it up and my skin is once more the clear and healthy skin I have had most of my life. I am 69 yrs. old and feel like this product will be able to keep this ugly and aggravating skin dermatitis at bay. I cannot thank you enough for producing this wonderful product and I will continue to use if for years to come. I would recommend this product to anyone who has been suffering with this type skin problem."

"I have been fighting a battle for many years to just get my Seborrhea under control. I have used over counter shampoo and prescription shampoo. The prescription shampoos work but are not as effective as the Derm-Essentials. It has been about three weeks now since I applied it and have used the Organic Excellence Shampoo each day. I had my hair cut and the cosmetologist said my scalp has improved and she has never seen one improve that rapidly and ask me what I had done and what I used. Of course I gave her the 20 minute educational talk on your products. When I say I have fought this for a good many years it started out when I was in high school and I am now 74 years of age. So you see I have had the opportunity to try many different products. Keep up the good work."

"Firstly I would like to say THANK YOU for having such a great product. I was suffering from Seborrheic dermatitis which I didn't knew until I saw information on your website. I was always thinking that I have a really bad dandruff and nothing else. I also visited many doctors and took all the medicines that was recommeded by them but I wasn't getting cure and this is on going from almost 6 years now. 3 weeks ago I started following your recommeded diet and also used your recommeded oil, I have to say this is first time in 6 years I saw my hair fall getting slow and I can finally see reduction in my dandruff level and redness and it almost gone by now. Once again THANK YOU and I will shout loud to every one that I can see suffering from Seborrheic dermatitis to use your product and follow your guide."

"Just wanted to thank you for Derm-Essentials. I have had facial SD on my eyebrows for over a year. I tried the steroid & non-steroid creams from my dermatologist with no luck, along with every facial product I could find. I felt like I would have "dandruff of the eyes" forever. I've been using the D-E for about 2 weeks, and have very little flaking anymore. Thanks SO much!!!!"

"I just wanted to email you to tell you how impressed I was with Derm Essentials. To give you some background information, I am 33 years of age, I suddenly started losing a lot of my hair (50% all up as confirmed by my scalp biopsy). All my blood tests came back normal and so unfortunately we have not been able to get to the bottom of what caused my hair loss other than stress. About a month into losing my hair, my scalp became really itchy. I couldn't understand what was causing it as there were no flakes as such as I was forced to wash my hair every day due to how thin my hair came so my scalp was very clean as I was using essential oils every couple of days and using tea tree oil shampoo on a daily basis. I knew the essential oils were helping to relieve the itch, but they didn't take the itch away entirely. Knowing that I was on the right path with essential oils, I landed up finding your product a month ago (7 weeks after the itch started). I landed up applying it 3 times on my scalp and slept with it in my hair each time. I am absolutely amazed at the result, the itch has almost all but gone, I am now able to wash my hair every 2 days instead of every day due to the itch. I just wanted to praise you for such a fantastic product, I hope it will be around for many years to come and at a competitive price as I can imagine there must be so many woman out there who just don't want to spend lots on their hair having just spent thousands on trying to get to the bottom of the problem myself I can well understand why. My hair loss has slowed down remarkably over the last month, but my concern was that every time my head got itchy, I would have to scratch it which resulted in more hair loss, now that I have the itch under control with derm essentials this is no longer a problem anymore. I am not sure if I will ever get my hair back to what it was 4 months ago, but I feel a lot more positive knowing that sebborheic dermatitis is almost well and truly behind me."

"I want to thank you so much for your product. I was skeptical at first having tried many products that haven't worked. I've used the oil for about one week and have seen a marked improvement in my skin. I also want to thank you for your prompt service."

"What a fabulous product you have there! My scalp is so much better after 1 week of applying it nightly. My SD is about 75-85 percent better! Thanks you much for developing it! I will always use it - don't ever stop making it!"

"This is one amazing product! I have been dealing with Seborrheic dermatitis for over 20yrs and this is the first product that has actually worked. Thanks."

"I ordered your Derm-essentials oil for my severe dandruff and hair loss I have got to tell you the stuff has been working wonders on my scalp my hair is falling out less than it was and I even notice little short baby hairs growing in the areas of my scalp where there was no hair! I cant believe the difference in my scalp! My hair is so much softer and its not as dry and brittle as before! As far as the severe dandruff that I had I dont hardly see any dandruff and there are NO sores on my scalp anymore! What is suprising me the most though is the fact that I have new hair growth! Thats amazing to me!"

"I am just writing a quick email to rave about your fast service. I ordered the product on Friday and it was shipped the same day. I received it on Tuesday. Awesome service. I have just begun using the product and early results are promising. Thanks again for great service of your product."

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